Microwave Barriers

Microwave barriers consist of two units – one transmitter and one receiver. The maximum distance between them can be of 60, 120 or 200 meters, depending on the model. The transmitter emits continuously microwaves to the receiver. The intruder who passes between the two units reduces consecutively the received signal, up to reach the alarm level and generate the alarm. The perimeter protection is achieved by installing several barriers.

Microwave barriers operate in all weather conditions (snow, rain, fog) without distances reduction, unlike the active infrared barriers. If the temperature reaches less than -5°C, it is possible to place a TERM1 heating kit. The temperature range is from -20 to +55°C.

Both types, analogue and digital are suitable for houses, gardens, borders, warehouses, airports, commercial resorts, car and trucks parks, civilian, industrial, military, nuclear and electrical plants.

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