Industrial Perimeter Beam Towers

The industrial perimeter beam towers series PT, MB and MBW solve the low-level security problem of the active infrared beam sensors when installed undisguised, mounted on poles or anchores to walls. In those cases, they are easily detectable by intruders, allowing them to surpass such systems. By contrast, when Bunker’s towers are used, the intruder is unable to determine the number, positions, type and orientation of the security sensors installed inside. Because of that, they are widely used in industrial facilities, ports, solar farms and many more environments and areas.

MB/MBW series are single-side beam towers (180º), where MB are for floor intallation, while MBW – for wall installation. PT series are doble-sided (360º) for floor installation.The available heights for all the industrial perimeter beam towers are 50cm, 1m, 1,5m, 2m and 3m.

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