Security Fog Generators

Fog generators are anti-theft and fog-based anti-robbery systems that generate a harmless fog to disorientate those who attempt a robbery or a theft. To stop the thefts, fogging protection systems saturate the area with a white fog in a flash. That makes the environment so impenetrable that the criminals are completely unable to orientate themselves and the crime stops straightaway. As the fog lasts up to 30 minutes, the police have enough time to arrive. So the criminals are forced to run away and all the goods are totally safe. Another advantage is that fog disipates without leaving any residue in jewerly, clothing, furniture or any kind of sensitive good.

Security fog generators offer great installation flexibility (walls, ceilings and false ceilings, cabinets, etc.) and simplicity, since it is only necessary to leave a free space for the fog to come up, which is oriented and dispersed according to the nozzle in a straight or at an angle, as well as in 1 or 3 directions. As a result, the saturation of any kind of space is performed quickly and effectively.

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