Photoelectric beams PB-50/100/200HF-KH

PB-xxHF-KH are 4-channel quad beams designed specifically for use in beam towers. They are easy to align and allow multiple beams to be used without ’cross-talk’ (interference).

Suitable for outdoor and indoor perimeter protection.


TAKEX KH series beams and Bunker Seguridad towers are a reliable combination for perimeter intrusion detection in the most demanding of situations. Supplied with PTKH ‘Quick fix’ mounting brackets for fast, trouble-free assembly, the beam units locate in vertical slide-channels in the tower column, allowing easy and precise height adjustment. Quad beams are synchronised to maintain range and stability in severe weather, while rejecting ‘nuisance-alarms’ caused by birds, animals, or blown-litter.

  • 4 x synchronised high power beams. Beam range: up to outdoor 50m / 100m indoor.
  • 4 x synchronised high power beams. Beam range: up to outdoor 100m / 200m indoor.
  • 4 x synchronised high power beams. Beam range: up to outdoor 200m / 400m indoor.


  • 4 x synchronised high power beams
  • Double coated electronics for demanding environments
  • 4 selectable beam channels to prevent crosstalk
  • Double modulation for unsurpassed light immunity
  • Increased beam separation minimises nuisance alarms
  • Vivid internal colour aids beam alignment procedure
  • Environmental monitoring circuit
  • Dynamic auto-gain lock (AGL) / Auto gain control
  • 50,000 lux sunlight immunity


  • Model: PB-50HF-KH – PB-100HF-KH – PB-200HF-KH
  • Detection system: Simultaneous breaking of 4 beams
  • Infrared beam: LED pulsed beam, Double modulation
  • Protection distance: Outdoor up to 50m / Indoor up to 100m – Outdoor up to 100m / Indoor up to 200m – Outdoor up to 200m / Indoor up to 400m
  • Max. beam range (approx.): 500m – 1000m – 2000m
  • Response Time: 50msec. to 700msec. (Variable at pot)
  • Supply voltage: 12V to 30VDC (Non-polarity)
  • Current consumption: 95mA (max) / 105mA (max) / 120mA (max)
  • Alarm output: Dry contact relay output NO/NC – Contact action : Interruption time + delay time (approx 2 sec.) – Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC) 1A
  • Environmental output: Dry contact relay output NO/NC – Contact action : Output when environmental conditions worsen – Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC) 0,5A
  • Alarm LED: Red LED (Receiver) | ON : when an alarm is initiated
  • Sensitivity attenuation LED: Red LED (Receiver) | ON : when beam reception is attenuated
  • Functions: Modulated beam frequency selection, Tone indicator, Environmental module, Beam power selection, Alarm memory indication, Programmed AGC, Auto-gain lock function, Monitor Jack
  • Ambient temperature range: -35°C to + 66°C
  • Beam Adjustment: Horizontal: ±90°, Vertical : ±10°
  • Mounting positions: For use in beam towers
  • Wiring: Terminals
  • Weight: Transmitter : 300g | Receiver : 400g
  • Appearance ABS resin


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Datasheet 50-100-200HF-KH

Manual 50-100-200HF-KH


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