FOGGY 30W – Anti-robbery Fog Generator

300m3 white security fog generator with refilled tank and  regular ER90

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White security fog generator with refilled tank and regular ER90 than can saturate an environment of up to 300 m3 in just 60 seconds.

No Toxic

No Odour

No Waste


  • Coverage Volumes: 10” activation: 100 m3 / 20” activation: 200 m3 / 60” activation: 300 m3 60” of pulsed activation: until 1900 m3
  • Tank capacity 1 liter
  • Number of activations: 50 activations of 10” each – 16 activations of 360” each
  • Special Function by optional module: wireless antirobbery
  • Nozzles available: 1 at 90° curtain with one jet (series) /3 with different angles and deliveries (optional)
  • Supplying 220 Vac – Consumption during heating 600 Watt
  • Maintenance consumption 60 / 120 Watt
  • Back-up battery Yes 2x 12 Vdc 1,2Ah – Initial heating time 12 minutes – Heating time after an activation: max 3 minutes
  • Functioning during mains 220 Vac absence: max 1 hour – Size (LxHxD) 358 x 264 x 166 mm – Weight 15 kilos – Status indication by led and display – Inputs for system arming: according to alarm system on/off
  • First stage: pre-alarm – second stage: alarm – jet activation
  • Indication outputs: Delivery on – Tampering, Liquid Level, Technical trouble, Mains absence, Battery level, Damaged battery, Pump malfunctioning, PCB temperature, Heater temperature
  • Output 12 Vdc – System cabling universal standards with outputs at free exchange
  • Serial RS485 dedicated to AVS Electronics systems
  • Events memory 1000 events
  • System diagnosis: Via USB connection on the control PCB With GSM remote connection by optional PCB XGSM
  • Firmware updating via PC with dedicated software
  • Metal housing WHITE color.



Ref. ER160

60° single JET compatible nozzle for FOGGY


Ref. ER360

60° triple JET compatible nozzle for FOGGY


Ref. ER390

90° triple JET compatible nozzle for FOGGY


Ref. PRL10

Steel tank: allows the recharge of 1 liter liquid. Sensor of liquid level managed by microprocessor with indication of low liquid level. Supplied full of fogging liquid.



Key tube for nuzzle´s replacement.


Ref. LBL

Warning yellow security sticker for FOGGY


Ref. LFT

Belt Assistance Lifting Kit for FOGGY mounting


Ref. SRB10

Complete refilled tank for FOGGY 30


Ref. SRB15

Complete refilled tank for FOGGY 50




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