Optimising an existing video surveillance system with LED illuminators and advanced video analytics

Apr 6, 2021 | News, News & Events

Optimising an existing video surveillance system with LED illuminators and advanced video analytics

Apr 6, 2021 | News, News & Events

Today’s video surveillance systems go beyond cameras. But many of them are not taking advantage of the benefits of quality LED lighting and/or an intelligent video analytics system. Relying on existing facility lighting can lead to an unacceptable number of false alarms. In contrast, using quality LED lighting not only results in huge energy savings, reduced heat and maintenance, but also more accurate light reproduction.

Since a video surveillance device depends on reflected light, surfaces that have a higher reflection coefficient will allow the device to display images better. More light is needed to reproduce quality images near dark surfaces (e.g. asphalt) than to lighter surfaces (concrete). It is highly recommended to replace old lighting with LEDs and depending on the type of cameras being used, white light or infrared LED illuminators can be added.

GJD’s Clarius infrared LED illuminators, marketed by Bunker Seguridad Electrónica S.L., work in conjunction with black and white or day and night cameras. Their advanced technology provides uniform and constant illumination, maximising camera performance and ensuring high quality images. In addition, they have a long service life and very low maintenance.

Elliptical beam profiles allow more light to be delivered to the area where it is needed, so distances can be extended and the waste of light minimised. The system also helps to avoid overexposure of foreground objects. The interchangeable lens diffuser kit allows the user to quickly and easily modify the illuminator’s field of view to suit the camera.

The Clarius® Plus IP is a high performance infrared illuminator incorporating the latest surface mount LEDs with enhanced optical output and exceptional reliability. The night-time images obtained with such assistance are of high sharpness and quality, while the devices hardly suffer any changes over time, thanks to the CleanLITE® technology of the lens coating that provides self-cleaning and improves the device’s resistance.

The images captured and recorded by a camera in a well-lit environment are truly extraordinary. On the other hand, LED illuminators are often used to deter intruders before they attempt to access to a protected site.

Another important part of an effective video surveillance system is intelligent video analytics that can be used to reduce false alarms, make detection more automatic and intuitive, and facilitate the work of security professionals. It’s about getting the right information that allows you to act before incidents or losses occur.

Over the years, numerous studies have examined the effectiveness of individuals monitoring multiple video screens. The results indicate that alertness and concentration are reduced after more than 15 minutes of continuous monitoring.  The use of advanced video analytics algorithms makes the video surveillance system more effective and adds automatic real-time actions. When choosing a suitable security system, it is often necessary to take into account the existing detectors in the perimeter detection system.

The solutions that we recommend are those of the Tempos Analytics brand, which are configured in a very intuitive way to adapt to different applications and sites and at the same time complete the system of warnings and actions. They include the possibility of interacting with the detectors of your perimeter system, either through IP OPTEX integration or through I/O modules.

Both, LED illuminators and video analysis systems with advanced algorithms can significantly improve the detection of a video surveillance system and reduce false alarms.

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