GJD Laser-Watch® for critical infrastructure protection

Jul 9, 2021 | News, News & Events

GJD Laser-Watch® for critical infrastructure protection

Jul 9, 2021 | News, News & Events

The accuracy of intrusion detection based on laser scanning makes it very suitable for securing sensitive installations. It allows the user to monitor and locate intrusions for applications where physical fences are not desirable, possible or where enhanced security is required.

Laser-Watch®- GJD515 detector is successfully used in a variety of fields such as perimeter protection, boat detection, stakeout operations, electrical substations monitoring, etc.

Boat detection

Since GJD Laser-Watch® products are designed for stable operation in harsh marine environments and the sensors work without reflectors, they create virtual fences over water surfaces or alongside the deck of a vessel. It detects all the boats that are entering or leaving the harbour in order to reduce the risk of boat and engine thefts, regardless of weather or light conditions.

Perimeter protection

GJD Laser-Watch technology guarantees high levels of detection efficiency, which remains unaffected by extreme changes in the weather. Unlike many conventional solutions that may activate a false alarm by misreading the changing weather patterns, laser detectors do not translate minor changes into potential threats.

In addition, it enables the monitoring and localisation of intrusions in areas and installations where physical fences are not desirable, feasible or where enhanced security is required. Laser sensors operate without reflectors and react in fractions of a second. Laser-Watch knows the exact position of an object.

How does the laser detector Laser-Watch® works

Eye safe invisible infra-red laser pulses are emitted from the sensor at 400Hz. If an object appears in the line of sight, it will generate reflections; the sensor detects those reflections and the precise location of the object creating them. It uses IP connectivity and very low power. Alarm settings are extremely adaptable. For example, the sensor can be set to react only on cars in a specific lane and alarm if an object has stopped or if a door opens, whilst ignoring all over activities.

Main features

  • Up to 500 metre range, no reflector required
  • Near zero false alarm rate
  • Heavy duty water proof design
  • Virtual fence able to trigger alarm and camera recording
  • Fully adaptable alarm zones to meet any situation
  • Intuitive and powerful web based user interface
  • IP alarms and relay output
  • Power over Ethernet

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