Multispeech Enunciator Kit GJD090K

4-channel speech enunciator kit for intruder monitoring, access control, welcoming, warning or advising.

It includes a hornspeaker, a musltispeech and a PSU in a weatherproof box.

The voice enunciator Multispeech 4 provides an 8 ohm audio output that can be applied to a loudspeaker or to a dialler that has a speech processor input.


The speech enunciator kit of GJD plays a desired recording when a given event occurs.

A single 120 second user message can be recorded as well as four different 30 second messages on each channel, depending on the requirements. The volume control is adjustable and they are two pre-attention sounds available.

The module accepts any normally open or normally closed input, which gives a greater flexibility to use it with a huge variety  of any detection device, alarm panel, panic button, telephone responder or activation from a remote video monitoring station.Recording can be made using the on board microphone or alternatively by a 1V p-p line input.

The installation is easy and message recording is quick and simple.


  • 4 channel voice enunciation kit
  • 4 user recordable messages
  • 2 pre-attention sounds
  • Adjustable volume control
  • 2 speaker output


  • Recording time: One single message of 120 seconds maximum or four individual messages of 30 seconds
  • Memory type: EEPROM (non-volatile memory)
  • Channel input type: Four individualy normally open or normally closed triggers
  • External audio input: 1V p-p maximum (jumper selectable)
  • Supply voltaje: 9VCD to 15VDC


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Datasheet of Multispeech Kit GJD090K


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