Photoelectric anti-crawl quad beam PB-IN-100AT

The PB-IN-100AT is designed with high security applications in mind, where every attempt to crawl through a portion of the quad beam result in an alarm condition.


Through CPU processing, the upper receiver selects the beam from the upper transmitter and the lower receiver selects the beam from the lower transmitter, creating an AND/OR-gated type detection system.


  • Anti-crawl beam for high-security applications
  • Independent activation of upper or lower beams
  • Dual response time system
  • Double modulation for unsurpassed light immunity
  • 4 selectable beam channels to prevent crosstalk
  • Environmental monitoring circuit
  • Dynamic auto-gain lock (AGL)
  • 50,000 lux sunlight immunity
  • IP55 housing


  • Model: PB-IN-100AT
  • Product type: Photoelectric Beam Sensor
  • Detection system: Simultaneous breaking of 4 beams – or Upper 2 beams interruption – or Lower 2 beams interruption
  • Infrared beam: LED pulsed beam, Double modulation
  • Protection distance: Outdoor 100m (330ft) or less / Indoor 200m (660ft) or less
  • Max. beam range (approx.): Outdoor 1000m (3300ft) or less – Indoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
  • Response Time: Dual response time system : 35-500msec. (AND) 100, 200, 300, 500msec. (OR)
  • Supply voltage: 12V to 30VDC (Non-polarity)
  • Current consumption: 85mA or less at protection
  • Alarm output: Dry contact relay output 1C – Reset : Interruption time + off delay – Contact capacity : 30V AC/DC, 1A or less
  • Environmental output: Dry contact relay output 1C – Action : Output when weather conditions worsen – Contact capacity : 30V AC/DC, 1A or less
  • Alarm LED: Red LED (Receiver) | ON : when an alarm is initiated
  • Attenuation LED: Red LED (Receiver) | ON : when beam is attenuated
  • Functions: Modulated beam frequency selection(4-Channel), Environmental module ,Beam power selection, Alarm memory indication, Programmed AGC, Auto-gain lock function, Sound check: Audible check of beam level, Monitor Jack, Frost proof cover
  • Ambient temperature range: – 35° C to + 66° C (-31° F to + 151° F)
  • Beam Adjustment: Horizontal : ±90° / Vertical : ±10°
  • Mounting positions: Outdoor (Perimeter protection)
  • Wiring: Terminals
  • Weight: Transmitter : 1200g (42oz) | Receiver : 1300g (45.5oz)


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Datasheet PB-IN-100AT TAKEX

Manual PB-IN-100AT TAKEX


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