Flame Sensor FS-5000E

Flame sensor FS-5000E immediately detects ultraviolet rays contained in flames and activates an external output. Weather proof construction of the housing enables application outdoors. It can be widely used for fire prevention of areas where fire is prohibited. Omni-directional Bracket.

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● Alarm memory function

Memory indication function enables identification of individual sensors in multiple sensor on configuration. After raising an alarm, the memory indication LED blinks for 3 minutes and then lights for 47 minutes.

● Day/night time discernment function

By adjusting operation mode control switch, output operation can be controlled according to ambient light level. Selectable for night time only. (5 lux – ∞ lux)

● Output time set up

Time of detection output operation can be adjusted by a switch [off delay selectable approx. 2 sec. – 1 min. or approx. 5 sec. – 10 min.]


*2 sensitivity settings High & Low
*4 detection timer settings : 1 sec., 6 sec., 15 sec., 30 sec.
Possibility of false alarms can be reduced. The set up can be selected from the 8 levels according to the environment of installation. Area masking enables elimination of unnecessary detection areas.

Aesthetically pleasing white housing blends well with most surroundings. The unique ball lock mechanism allows for adjustment of the detection area after installation.


  • High sensitivity ultraviolet flame sensor
  • Omni-directional bracket
  • NO/NC relay output
  • Adjustable response time
  • Weather proof housing for indoor or outdoor use


  • Model: FS-5000E
  • Detection system: Ultraviolet rays detection (detected wave length 180~260nm)
  • Detection area: Distance: 10m (33ft) max. (7cm flame) – Horizontal: approx. 100 degrees (60 degrees downward) – Vertical: approx. 75 degrees (15 degrees upward) – Adjustment range
    Horizontal 25 degrees by base unit – Vertical 30 degrees (4 steps) by sensor head
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Sensitivity: H (100%), L (50%) (selectable) – Detection timer: 1sec, 6sec, 15sec, 30sec (selectable)
  • Power supply 10V to 30VDC
  • Power consumption: 35mA or less
  • Alarm output: Dry contact relay Form C (NO/NC) – Contact capacity: 30V (AC/DC) 0.5A, (resistance load) – Operation time: the following are selectable – Detection time + off delay operation approx. 2sec to 1min – Detection time + off delay operation approx. 5sec to 10min – Output operation: the following are selectable – Same time as above continuous output – Same time as above flashing output – Operation mode (day/night function):5 lux night time operation ∞ lux day time operation (adjustment volume)
  • Alarm memory: Memory LED blinks for 3min., then lights for 47min. (auto-reset)
  • LED Operation LED (red): synchronous dry contact relay – Memory LED (yellow): blinks for 3min and then lights
  • Wiring: Reed wiring – Power supply: 2 / dry contact: 3
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
  • Installation: Indoor/outdoor
  • Weight: Approx. 550g (19.3oz)
  • Appearance: Sensor part: PC resin (white) – Bracket: AES resin (white)
  • Supplied accessories: Tapping screw ∅6 x 30: 4pcs – Tapping screw ∅4 x 8: 1pc
    Band: 1pc – Area mask seal: 1pc


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Datasheet FS-5000E TAKEX

Manual FS-5000E TAKEX


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