Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure remote working from any location

Jun 26, 2021 | News, News & Events

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure remote working from any location

Jun 26, 2021 | News, News & Events

Well-being is closely linked with health and productivity. Numerous researchs show that employees who are in good mental, physical and emotional health are more likely to deliver optimal performance at work.

The need to establish secure and reliable environments is becoming more important, so that employees can be connected to the corporate network from any remote location and have access to all the resources they need. To accomplish it without exposing the company’s data, we use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and devices that create a virtual “tunnel” between communication endpoints, so the data travels encrypted.

What does a Virtual Private Network provide?

A VPN brings confidentiality, integrity and security of data transmission, which is crucial, especially if you have to manage confidential information or sensitive data. VPNs are becoming increasingly popular, even in private environments, because they are the most versatile professional solution for secure data sharing.

What are the most important features a VPN should have?

A VPN needs to block any attempt by unauthorised people to access, read, block or alter the contents of your internet connections. These tasks are achieved by hiding the entirety of all of the data and connection administration information that passes between your computer and the web servers with which it communicates. This is accomplished by encryption. If an outsider, scraper, bot or other kind of abusive traffic tries to access our connection, all it will be able to do is read the encrypted data, without any possibility of getting to the real information we are sending.

At first place, you need a private and secure connection and to ensure that, you have to use powerful cryptographic algorithms such as AES, Blowfish, Camelia, etc. The security of the encryption also depends on the size of the keys and the most used are 128, 192 and 256 bits.

Even though a VPN can be created using software solutions, hardware solutions are less vulnerable to possible attacks and transmission problems. They are also more reliable. We recommend ThruLinkTM devices from KBC Networks, which stand out for their rugged design and optimized transmission performance.

What other advantages does a connection managed by ThruLinkTM provide?

  • The quality of KBC Networks’ devices is always very high, in the case of ThruLinkTM that assures good resistance, reliability and quality of the connection.
  • In addition, the connection established with the server is completely encrypted. You can choose from a long list of encryptions: AES:128/192/256bits, Blowfish: 128/196/256bits, Camellia: 128/196/256bits, SHA1, SHA256, RSA: 128/196/256bits, FIPS: 140-2.
  • On the other hand, unlike the vast majority of companies that offer this service, ThruLinkTM does not require the recurrent recurring license fees, nor maintenance.
  • The systems created with ThruLinkTM are scalable and easy to configure.
  • Signals can be transmitted over either private and public networks.
  • The multiple failover capability ensures a stable connection.

What do I need to have an encrypted connection with ThruLinkTM?

You need an Internet connection (via cable, Wireless or a SIM card), one device at the work site, one device at each remote location where you want to make a secure connection and one computer for device configuration purposes only.

It is important to note that the installation of the equipment is very simple and does not require advanced computer or network knowledge.

In situations such as the one we are currently experiencing, where it is imperative to protect the health of employees, without interrupting customer service, we promote and recommend teleworking.

For more detailed and personalised information on this device and its applications, please contact us.

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