Battery operated wireless ready quad beam TXF-125DM

The TXF-125DM is a battery operated quad beam sensor, compatible with leading wireless systems. It reduces the time and cost of permanent installations and allows the use of active infrared beams on rapid deployment in creating temporary or permanent installations.


The double modulation technology guarantees detection stability and reduces the possibility of unwanted activations due to changes in ambient light. Thanks to its IP65 design, its high performance is unaffected by installation conditions, preventing water, dust and insects from entering and allowing moisture to evaporate inside, avoiding condensation.

With 4-channel frequencies, multiple beam sets can be used in both linear and stacked configurations without risk of crosstalk, further assisted by a transmitter power function that allows the user to set 25/50/75/100m zones. The adjustable detection distance allows a single beam set to be re-deployed in a variety of different installations throughout its operational life

Featuring ±90° horizontal and ±20° vertical optical head adjustment, the TXF-125DM can cater for even the most dynamic of terrains, ensuring high performance intrusion detection in almost any environment.


  • Outdoor or indoor detection with IP65 housing.
  • Double modulation.
  • 4 selectable operation ranges 25/50/75/100m.
  • 4 selectable beam channels to prevent crosstalk.
  • Up to 3 year battery life using 6 × LS 33600 (3.6V 17Ah) batteries (TX : 4pcs, RX : 2PCS). Batteries are not included.
  • Easy ±90° Horizontal / ±20°vertical adjustment.
  • Anti-bird spikes to prevent our feathered friends from alighting on the units.
  • Lightning surge protection.


  • Model: TXF-125DM
  • Detection system: Near infrared pulsed beam interruption system (TR-RE 4 beam simultaneous interruption).
  • Infrared beam: Double modulation pulsed beam by LED (near infrared beam light-emitting diode).
  • Protection distance: Outdoor 100m (330ft) or less
  • Beam power setting:  100m (330ft) / 75m (245ft) / 50m (165ft)  /  25m (82ft)
  • Response Time: 0,05 sec, 0,10 sec, 0,25 sec, 0,5 sec
  • Battery: SAFT: LS 33600 (or equivalent) 3,6V
  • Battery life: Transmitter: Approx. 3 years (at normal temperature, with 4 recommended batteries, excluding wireless transmitter). Receiver: Approx. 3 years (detects 100 times a day, at normal temperature, with 2 recommended batteries, excluding wireless transmitter)
  • Beam Adjustment: Horizontal : ±90° / Vertical : ±20°
  • Alarm LED: Red LED (Receiver) ON : when an alarm is initiated
  • Attenuation LED: Red LED (Receiver) ON: when an alarm is initiated
  • Ambient temperature range:-25C to+60C (-13°F to+140°F) (No freezing or condensation) (The battery function may decrease at 0°c or less, or +40°c or more)
  • Functions: Sound chec, Monitor jack, Upper/lower beam switch, Low battery indication, Wireless alignment checker connection, Battery saving, Repeat output
  • Mounting positions: Outdoor / Indoor
  • Weight: Transmitter : 1,350g (47.3oz) (excluding batteries). Receiver : 1,350g (47.3oz) (excluding batteries)
  • Appearance: Cover: PC/ABS resin, Base: ASA resin Black


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Datasheet TXF-125DM TAKEX

Manual TXF-125DM TAKEX


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