Perimeter protection for primary and secondary residences

Jul 6, 2021 | News, News & Events

Perimeter protection for primary and secondary residences

Jul 6, 2021 | News, News & Events

It is a well know fact that summer is a hot time for burglaries. They usually start to increase in June and peak in July and August. During these months main residences are more exposed to break-ins, burglaries and robberies, because they usually become more vulnerable. Whereas in the case of second homes, those in rural areas are always highly vulnerable, especially in less populated areas.

As perimeter security professionals, we are well aware of the requirements of good perimeter detection. For residential use we recommend Bunker Security’s beam towers, concealed and camouflaged in lampposts and garden lights. These towers are designed in different formats, and we can deliver them separately or in combination with the most durable beams on the market, TAKEX beams.  We can even deliver them pre-configured and pre-wired with the desired combinations of beams adapted (easyPack family from Bunker Seguridad).

Photoelectric Beams

The different models of infrared perimeter beams are perfectly compatible with each other, with an optimal result both aesthetically and functionally. Many combinations and configurations can be made, including among models from the residential and the industrial ranges, when necessary.

Urban security involves tackling burglary, theft, vandalism and the most effective way to do this is through early detection and deterrence.

Over many years, TAKEX has successfully designed, perfected and verified the performance of its infrared barriers. Strict quality control and rigorous testing, applied at every stage of production, ensure that all TAKEX products have a hard-to-beat lifetime. In addition, thanks to the combination of a double modulated beam with a tuning amplifier and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) system, photoelectric beam sensors designed and manufactures by TAKEX provide complete perimeter protection like no other.

Video analytics for perimeter detection

Although more and more video surveillance cameras are being installed in neighbourhoods and municipalities, sometimes the only function they are used for is to record assaults or burglaries that occur. However, it is always better to prevent crime, and to achieve this, intelligent video analysis can be added to video surveillance systems and combined with intrusion detection systems, based on beam towers.

Advanced video analytics optimise the efficiency of the installed security system and allow us to detect intrusions in controlled spaces, before damage or loss occurs. Video analysis is based on software installed on hardware equipment that allows autonomous, advanced real-time analysis of images that are being captured by the cameras. Then a camera ceases to be a passive part of the security system to detect suspicious events and to trigger the planned actions.

Tempos Analytics offers solutions that are compatible with the main VMS on the market, as well as with visual, thermal and dual cameras. Especially noteworthy is the possibility of combining intelligent video analysis with existing perimeter system detectors, as well as the advantage of being able to choose between various types of hardware depending on the needs and requirements of the project. The flexibility of the configuration and licences combination facilitates the creation of much more intuitive, accurate and automated surveillance systems. In addition, number plate recognition licences for parking management or access control can be added to the same hardware.

Other sensors

Depending on the particularities of the site to be protected, the security system may incorporate other outdoor and indoor sensors to complement the protection adding further functionality and detection zones. For example, PIR detectors can de used to detect intrusión, turn/ switch cameras or actívate alarms.

For more information about photoelectric beams, sensors, video analytics and other type of security solutions, please contact us.