ThruLink™: hardware device for virtual private networks of KBC Networks

This system, designed for traffic management and encryption for VPN, offers stable, secure and private connections over the Internet and at a reduced cost.
Piece of news: 

   The new hardware device for virtual networks (VPN) ThruLink™ of KBC Networks allows to create a secure, private and encrypted conduit within a public network that protects the information making it remain separate from the rest of communications.

   ThruLink™ is a reliable and economical alternative to leased lines (it uses public networks such as the Internet), which reduces costs. In contrast to other solutions, such as a software-based VPN or a router with VPN functions, this device is easy and quick to install; its configuration is simple (no specific knowledge or specialized technical personnel are necessary), and no additional software licenses are required.

   Designed exclusively for traffic management and for VPN encryption, ThruLink™ is optimized for CCTV (closed circuit television) systems, and can also be used for access control, public security systems, industrial control, government and military systems, remote video surveillance, secure data transmission, interconnection, monitoring of environmental and traffic alarms.

   The latter is the case of the Singapore Intelligent Transport System: Singapore's Junction Electric Eyes intelligent transport system helps maintain traffic flow, reduce congestion and provide motorists with up-to-date traffic information. The high cost of the rented lines made the transport authority of the city look for a more economical alternative finding in ThruLink™ the solution.

    KBC Networks markets through Bunker Seguridad, the ThruLink™ device in its two series: ThruLink™ Standard Capacity / Standard Capacity Plus and ThruLink™ High Capacity / High Capacity Plus, with their respective models.

Router VPN ThruLink™, KBC Networks brand
Router VPN ThruLink™, KBC Networks brand
Router VPN ThruLink™ from KBC Networks