PTKH, Takex

Bunker perimeter detection accessory description: 

Bunker Seguridad, manufacturer of perimeter security systems based on infrared towers and photoelectric beams or infrared beams (AIR) develops this optional fixing system for TAKEX infrared photo beams inside Bunker Seguridad perimeter towers. Two units are supplied per reference (Rx/Tx). 

It is valid for active infrared photo beams (AIR) with 4 beams and photoelectric ones with 2 beams:  

-          “Intelligent” TAKEX photo beams (4 beams): PBIN50HF, PBIN100HF andPBIN200HF.

-          TAKEX photo beams (4 beams, one frequency):  PB50F, PB100F and PB200F.

-          TAKEX photoelectric beams (2 beams) in a photo beam case (4 beams): PB100ST.

-          TAKEX photo beams (4 beams) for marine zones: PB50HFKH, PB100HFKH and PB200HFKH.

-          TAKEX anti-crawl photo beam (4 beams) : PBIN100AT

-          TAKEX photo beam (4 beams), low consumption for solar panel power supply: PBIN75SW

-          TAKEX photoelectric beam (2 beams, one frequency): PB30TK, PB60TK, PB100TK.

-          TAKEX photoelectric beam (2 beams, 4 frequencies): PB20TE, PB40TE and PB60TE.

It is compatible with infrared towers for perimeter security, industrial type: MB050 / MB100 / MB150 / MB200 and MB300 (protection 180º), with IR towers for wall fixing MB050W / MB100W / MB150W / MB200W and MB300W and finally with 360º protection PT050 / PT100 / PT150 / PT200 and PT300.

PTKH accessory for perimeter security towers
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