Secure transmission solutions

Enterprise-grade secure transmission solutions

One of the main perimeter security challenges are the reliability of transmission of signals and the high availability of the infrastructures. Consequently, ascertaining ongoing consumer demand and needs, we  now offer a large number of industrial products and solutions, as a result of our close collaboration with KBC Networks.

KBC Networks, a global manufacturer of telecommunication solutions

KBC's transmission products are installed all around the world for security and surveillance in buildings, intelligent transport networks, industrial control systems, etc. They provide professional products and interfaces for conducting video, voice and data securely over Wireless links, Ethernet and IPLANs, private and public WANsmobile3G4GLTE and fiber optic networks.

 KBC Networks telecommunication security data transmission

Custom data transmission solutions

Thanks to our considerable amount of products in stock, our dedicated team of professionals can provide the client with information and support to deliver the best solution for their projects using a wide range of technologies,


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