PT - Double-sided protection perimeter tower (360°) for infrared photoelectric beams

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

Bunker Seguridad, perimeter security system manufacturer, presents an infrared tower model for medium (middle area) and long (perimeter) range PT sensors and photoelectric detectors. A special feature of this infrared tower model is its main structure composed of an aluminium profile, which allows a transmitter and/or receiver (Tx/Rx) fixation of the infrared photo beams at the same height with the possibility of pointing the IR photo beam in two different directions with 360º protection range.

Double-sided (360º) PT infrared tower is an ideal solution to protect perimeters by keeping the same infrared line or height (for long distances) or two different directions. As it can be fixed back-to-back, the continuity is assured without having to play with different heights, what occurs with single-sided (180º) infrared towers.

Given that Bunker manufactures a wide range of perimeter products, such as Garden Guard (MALTA, CAV and CAV-W), for solely residential areas, we refer to the PT infrared tower with the adjective “industrial”, even though in real situations MB IR towers (180º) and PT security towers are installed very often in residential areas and they integrate perfectly their stylish design in the environment, also when using PT-LUX and PT-CCTV accessories (the first one transforms the perimeter security tower into a lamp as low consumption bulbs can be fixed to it. As for PT-CCTV, it allows to integrate inside the infrared tower (AIR) up to two CCTV cameras, which makes the solution very compact and clean. Please see “Accessories” paragraph for more information.

PT - Double side protection perimeter tower (360°) for infrared photobeams
PT Perimeter Tower for industrial use
PT Perimeter Tower for industrial use
Bunker perimeter security sensor reference: 

PT050, 50 cm infrared tower / PT100, 1 m infrared tower / PT150, 1.5 m IR tower sensor

PT200, 2 m tower for an infrared photo beam / PT300, 3 m active infrared tower (AIR)

Bunker perimeter solution features: 

All the double-sided PT infrared tower models (360º) for perimeter security protection include the following components:

  • Two black polycarbonate profiles which allow the infrared rays, emitted by the photoelectric beam, to go through.
  • A black anodized aluminium profile which forms part of the IR tower structure.
  • An anti-sabotage tamper to be fixed on the upper side of the IR tower and to consequently avoid a possible manipulation of the perimeter security system by putting out of order a photoelectric sensor or even by cancelling an infrared photo beam.
  • Installation kit: it is composed of stainless screws, used to fix an infrared tower to the floor, to fix infrared photo beams to the main part of the security tower, etc.

In addition, 3m high infrared tower model (PT300), manufactured by Bunker Seguridad, is equipped with 70 cm MB3SB side brackets. These give more stability to the infrared photo beams set inside, but also more rigidity to the electric tower which has an effect on the perimeter security system with less unwanted alarms.

Observations on Bunker perimeter detection solution: 
  • As a manufacturer, Bunker gives the possibility to adapt infrared tower’s height in case none of our PT 360º infrared tower references covers your perimeter security system requirements.
  • Double-sided (360º) PT perimeter security towers, manufactured by Bunker, are floor-installation models. If you wish to fix IR tower on a wall, it is necessary to use PTWB accessory (compatible with PT050 / PT100 / PT150 / PT200 and PT300).
  • Double-sided (360º) PT is commercialised with minimum elements required to undertake an optimal photo beam perimeter security installation which does not need more accessories, nor extra fixations when it is done in stable temperature ranges, without extremes. From here onwards, Bunker offers a wide range of accessories for our security towers which cover the majority of market requirements.
  • PT double-sided infrared tower, manufactured by Bunker, is compatible with a vast majority of perimeter infrared photo beams on the market, such as TAKEX infrared photo beams with two beams (PB30TK, PB60TK, PB100TK, PB20TE, PB40TE, PB60TE, PB100ST) and also with TAKEX active IR photo beams (AIR) with four beams (PB50F, PB100F, PB200F, PBIN50HF, PBIN100HF, PBIN200HF, PBIN100AT), OPTEX photoelectric beams, ATSUMI Electric active infrared beams (AIR) and many more.
  • In order to make IR photo beam’s installation inside the BUNKER manufactured double-sided perimeter security tower easier, there are BEAG and PTSSL optional accessories (for OPTEX infrared photo beam sensor models AX70TN, AX130TN, AX200TN, AX100TF, AX200TF, AX100TFR and AX200TFR the whole range of OPTEX Smart Line (SL) with four beams SL200QN, SL350QN, SL650QN, SL200QDP, SL350QDP, SL650QDP, SL200QDM, SL350QDM, SL650QDM, SL350QNR, SL350QFR) and PTKH for photoelectric sensors, manufactured by TAKEX (PB50HF-KH, PB100HF-KH, PB200HF-KH). See “Accessories” paragraph for more information.


Bunker Seguridad as equipment, sensor, detector and perimeter security systems' manufacturer offers the following references belonging to the double-sided (360º) infrared tower range:

-          PT050 – 50 cm high infrared tower

-          PT100 – 1 m high infrared tower

-          PT150 – 1.5m high IR tower sensor

-          PT200 – 2 m high tower for infrared photo beams

-          PT300 – 3 m high active infrared (AIR) tower

Bunker Seguridad, perimeter security system manufacturer, gives the possibility to prepare upon request other infrared tower configurations and heights.  

Bunker perimeter solution type: 
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