ProdexTec markets Takex infrared barriers

Takex manufactures infrared barriers of 2 (PB-30TK and PB-60TK) and 4 beams (PB-50F) to keep scaffolding and tubular structures protected.
Piece of news: 

     To keep the scaffolding and tubular structures protected and to warn of any intrusion by climbing attempt, the infrared barriers of Takex are a good option.

     Takex designs and manufactures 2 and 4 beam infrared barriers and is the reference in any scaffold alarm due to its robustness, light resistance, useful life and technology. These can be installed, disassembled and manipulated on numerous occasions, even by 'different hands', over the years. Thus, the quality does not descend, there are no moving strips, no slackness or false contacts.

     The recommended four-beam infrared barrier model, provided there is no possibility of scaffolding overlapping, is Takex PB-50F (PB-50FA); with regard to the 2-beam models, depending on the distance to be protected, there are the PB-30TK and PB60TK models.

ProdexTec markets Takex infrared barriers
ProdexTec markets Takex infrared barriers