Optex presented the intrusion detector REDSCAN MINI RLS-2020 at ISC West

Optex presented the intrusion detector REDSCAN MINI RLS-2020 at ISC West
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ISC West trade show: Bunker Seguridad participated at the Optex stand presentation of the new laser detector for anti-intrusion protection - the REDSCAN MINI RLS-2020.

REDSCAN MINI RLS-2020 is a unique short-range laser scan detector (grade 1). Its design is elegant and compact. It can be used in different IP video-surveillance applications.

The RLS-2020 is designed to elevate IP video surveillance solutions. It can trigger motion-based events in the dark and in tough lighting conditions such as shadows and artificial lighting effects. It is also effective in tough outdoor environmental conditions challenging to video driven motion detection.

  • Improved utility software streamlined for easy and flexible settings.
  • High speed and resolutions provides pin-point detection of small objects in indoor and outdoor applications complementing camera driven motion detection.
  • Can be used as an analog or IP device.
  • PoE enabled requiring only 6 watts of power and can operate in -40º-60ºC temperature range.
  • Innovative, compact design is suitable for applications requiring design centric appeal.
  • Multi-angle adjustment and detection mounting options are scalable across a range of security applications, providing flexibility and ease of device installation.
  • Multiple detection modes for enhanced motion detection.
Bunker Seguridad participates at REDSCAN MINI RLS-2020 presentation
Bunker Seguridad at ISC West Optex Redscan MINI presentation