Interesting article on perimeter solutions by Bunker Seguridad, published in

Article on perimeter security solutions by BUNKER SEGURIDAD, published in Interempresas web portal
Piece of news: published an interesting article on renowned perimeter security solutions by Bunker Seguridad. Perimeter towers for OPTEX and TAKEX infrared photo beams, both in its industrial and residential version, are BUNKER SEGURIDAD’s flagship products which during years has become one of the most important companies in perimeter detection sector.

“The main novelties this year are Redwall and Fiber Sensys by Optex. Redwall covers the medium-long outdoor PIR detector range and we present laser technology with Redscan detector series. On the other hand, we present the optic-fiber alternative by the American Fiber SenSys for perimeter projects where ranges that should be covered are bigger or where the specific needs require using flameproof EMI-immune solutions.”

Interempresas is a prestigious web portal with information on industry. You can read full article here (in Spanish).

Information on Bunker Seguridad in Interempresas