INSTAL SEC, prestigious security magazine: reference to one of the most innovative perimeter solutions BUNKER SEGURIDAD offers: easyPack perimeter security towers

Pre-wired solutions in the prestigious security magazine INSTAL SEC: reference to one of the most innovative perimeter solutions BUNKER SEGURIDAD offers: easyPack perimeter security towers
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The prestigious security magazine INSTAL SEC, focused among others on topics related to security systems, makes reference to Bunker Seguridad perimeter security towers, easyPack model, in its number 39 October 2015 edition.  It is a new system, a perimeter tower for infrared photo beams, which is known as a time-saving installation solution which also reduces possible mistakes as well as it is a very versatile intrusion detection solution.

It is a very flexible perimeter security solution which adapts to the requirements of every installation, both in tower size and in infrared sensors, included in each one of them. This way the pre-installed easyPack tower will be ready to be set in its final localization with all the elements fixed, cabled and carefully organized in the tower: only infrared photo beams will have to be aligned in accordance with the corresponding manufacturer’s indications (TAKEX, OPTEX and others). Every reference includes a central part in aluminium, two polycarbonate profiles, a cover and a base, anti-sabotage tamper, as many heaters as sensors (transmitters and receivers), a thermostat and a mother board which controls the entire system. All this is cabled and installed along with infrared photo beams, chosen by the client, and their corresponding fixing supports for quality perimeter surveillance.

This situation may sound familiar to you: you have several installations in process and some of them include photo beams and perimeter towers. Your expert in configuring photo beams may not be present at the same time at all the installation locations, nor can he spend more time to install the tower, heaters, the thermostat. Can you imagine how much time you would save, if they only had to fix the tower to the floor, to be in charge of the power supply and to configure/align the IR photo beams? You can actually have this solution. Bunker Seguridad offers easyPack towers in different heights, both 180° and 360° models, which are supplied with all the basic accessories (heaters, tamper, mother board, including a thermostat) and, optionally, fans, power supplies, even infrared photo beams (by OPTEX, TAKEX or others, supplied by the client), in case it is required this way, all this cabled and ready to be set in the final localization. You will only have to fix the tower to the floor or wall, depending on the installation, prepare the power supply and align the photo beams without losing more time than necessary. 

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