easyPack prewired towers (180°), 2m, wall installation

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

Prewired single side tower (180°) for wall-mounting with all the basic components, ready to be installed (2m).

2 metres
easyPack Prewired towers single side protection (180°), 2 metres high, wall-mounting
Bunker perimeter security sensor reference: 

W202RR - W202TT - W203RR - W203TT

Bunker perimeter solution features: 

Each reference includes a central body in aluminium, a polycarbonate profile, top/bottom covers and also two anti-sabotage tamper switches, as many heaters as photoelectric sensors (transmitters or receivers), a thermostat and a mother board that manages the system.

Everything is prewired and mounted together with the IR beams - (*) chosen by the customer - and their mounting back plates.

(*) Compatible with different models of photoelectric beams (TAKEX, OPTEX, ATSUMI and others). These are not included in price. easyPack can also be supplied without photoelectric beams.

This perimeter tower is ready for wall-mounting.

Additionally as an option, you can acquire other accessories for easyPack prewired beam towers such as fans and/or power supplies as well as other usual Bunker's beam towers' accessories (anti-climb top tamper, etc.). For more information see “Accessories” paragraph.

Available models, 2 m high:

  • W202RR – 2m, 180° wall-mounting tower ready for 2 Rx.
  • W202TT – 2m, 180° wall-mounting tower ready for 2 Tx.
  • W203RR – 2m, 180° wall-mounting tower ready for 3 Rx.
  • W203TT – 2m, 180° wall-mounting tower ready for 3 Tx.

(Tx = transmitter/s; Rx= receiver/s)

Observations on Bunker perimeter detection solution: 

This is a very flexible perimeter solution which can be adapted to the requirements of each installation, both regarding beam towers’ format and the number and model of sensors included. With easyPack photoelectric beam towers you will get all the components previously fixed, wired and carefully organized in the beam tower, you will just have to align your preferred IR active photoelectric beams from Takex, Optex or others.

Wall-mounting. For ground mounting please see prewired perimeter tower model S20xxx.

Bunker perimeter solution type: 
Download documentation on perimeter detection product: