D-TECT Laser - GJD 500 / GJD 505 / GJD 509

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

Up to 25m Motion Detector The D-TECT Laser is a laser based security device designed to create virtual curtains and surveillance security zones. The D-TECT Laser is programmable to within 10cm and operates with the highest levels of precision for accurate and reliable intrusion detection.

GJD 500: D-TECT Laser 25m x 25m

GJD 505: D-TECT Laser 5m x 5m

GJD:509: D-TECT Laser 10m x 10m

Sensor laser scaner for perimetrer security
Bunker perimeter solution features: 
  • Monitoring pedestrian and vehicle access points 
  • Perimeter protection and intrusion detection 
  • Safeguarding works of art and masterpieces 
  • Protection against theft and vandalism 
  • Securing open sites
Bunker perimeter solution type: