Power Supply ALT-30-24

Bunker perimeter detection accessory description: 

The Clarius® range of LED lighting Power Supply Units are IP67 rated, constant voltage designed to power the Clarius® range of LED lighting products.

They feature a regulated 24V DC output supplying continuous full rated current to load. The universal mains input voltage allows the power supply to be used across a wide geographical area while the highly efficient switch mode design ensures low operating costs and cool running.

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high performance power supply
Perimeter solution installation instructions: 

Power: 30W

Output: 24V DC / 1.25A

Input: 170-250V AC / 0.45A 50/60 Hz

Rating: IP67

Dimensions 200 x 20 x 29mm L x W x H

Power Upto Either: 2x IS8, IS9, VS-CW or 1x IM8, IM9, VM-CW