KBC Networks and Bunker Seguridad Electronica – the power of partnership

KBC Networks and Bunker Seguridad Electronica – the power of partnership
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A reliable and efficiently designed perimeter detection system typically includes infrared photoelectric beams, microwave detection devices, thermal cameras, video analytics, lighting and physical fencing solutions.

“Creating robust connectivity to all the physical security devices is a design requirement to optimise an integrated solution”, says Luis Angulo, Commercial Director, KBC Networks.

While indoor security is widely used thanks to video surveillance, intrusion alarms, access control and IoT systems; outdoor perimeter intrusion detection is also providing an important further protection to critical infrastructures such as substations and power utilities, distribution centres, seaports, airports, construction sites, major events, public spaces, etc.

To offer this additional protection, KBC Networks and Bunker Seguridad Electronica S.L., have teamed up to establish a warehouse in Spain, so they can offer a fast delivery service for quality products to both Europe and Africa.

The strategic combination and integration of components like security cameras, thermal cameras, lighting and physical fencing solutions and more, provides a customised security solution for each unique application. KBC Networks specialises in enabling communication between video, access and perimeter systems with industrialised network products that are suitable for outdoor installation and use.

Luis Angulo says: “From a large selection of PoE switches and fibre media converters to wireless transmission and power products, KBC Networks provides reliable, secure data transmission to IP and SCADA devices. KBC also supports communications from unmanned sites, like power substations, by providing encrypted WAN connectivity to off-site control centres.”

On the other hand, ThrulinkTM, an industrial hardware VPN, provides the ability to display real-time video, audio and data using 4G/LTE in addition to DSL and fibre. Thrulink enables management systems like PSIM, BMS or VMS to communicate with multiple remote sites providing real-time status.

 “KBC Networks works transparently integrating devices from different physical security manufacturers independent of how large or small the application may be”, says Luis Angulo.

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