FOGGY 50W - Fog Generator

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

750/1900 cm white security fog generator with refilled tank and regular ER90

FOGGY 50W - Fog Generator
FOGGY Fog Generator
FOGGY Fog Generator inside
Observations on Bunker perimeter detection solution: 





Foggy, in addition to an intrusion system, completes the efficiency of the detection by an “active” protection of the site. The fog generated creates a natural disorientation, preventing the thieves to complete the burglary.

  • Coverage Volumes: 20” activation: 200 m3 / 40” activation: 400 m3 / 60” activation: 600 m3 60” of pulsed activation: until 1900 m3
  • Tank capacity 1,5 liter
  • Number of activations: 45 activations of 20” each - 15 activations of 60” each
  • Special Function by optional module: wireless anti-robbery
  • Nozzles available: 1 at 90° curtain with one jet (series) /3 with different angles and deliveries (optional).
  • Supplying 220 Vac - Consumption during heating 1000 Watt. 
  • Maintenance consumption 60 Watt.
  • Back-up battery Yes 2x 12 Vdc 1,2Ah.
  • Initial heating time 20 minutes.
  • Heating time after an activation: max 5 minutes.
  • Functioning during mains 220 Vac absence: max 3 hours.
  • Size (LxHxD) 480 x 353 x 166 mm.
  • Weight 22 kilos.
  • Status indication by led and display - Inputs for system arming: according to alarm system on/off.
  • First stage: pre-alarm – second stage: alarm – jet activation.
  • Indication outputs: Delivery on.
  • Tampering, Liquid Level, Technical trouble, Mains absence, Battery level, Damaged battery, Pump malfunctioning, PCB temperature, Heater temperature.
  • Output 12 Vdc.
  • System cabling universal standards with outputs at free exchange.
  • Serial RS485 dedicated to AVS Electronics system.
  • Events memory 1000 event.
  • System diagnosis: Via USB connection on the control PCB With GSM remote connection by optional.
Bunker perimeter solution type: 

ER160: It makes a single jet with 60º inclination. Recommended for ceiling installation.

ER360: It makes three single jets with 60º inclination. Recommended for wall installation.

ER390: It makes three single jets for a better opening to fog delivery. Recommended for ceiling installation.

PRL10: It alows to extension the nozzle of 10cm. Recommended for installation between ceiling and countertop.

KEY ER: Socket wrench for an easy nozzle remove.

LBL: Adhesive label to stick near the protected area to show and wam about lack of visibility caused by the activation of the system.

LFL: Suggested to lift FOGGY when installed between ceiling and countertop.

SRB10: Steel tank: allow the recharge of 1 liters liquid. Sensor of liquid level managed by microprocessor with indication of low liquid level.

SRB15: Steel tank: allow the recharge of 1,5 liters liquid. Sensor of liquid level managed by microprocessor with indication of low liquid level.