CAV/2 - Set: CAV Perimeter Towers (2 units)

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

Bunker Seguridad, perimeter sensor and security system manufacturer developed “Garden Guard” range, composed of infrared towers disguised into IR street lamps and garden lamps. This IR tower family, called Garden Guard, is composed of MALTA, CAV and CAV-W references. Concerning the first two, MALTA and CAV infrared towers, there is a "/2" (MALTA/2 and CAV/2) version which includes two units in a box, which is only 30 cm bigger than the photoelectric tower reference including only one unit, thus meaning a considerable cost-saving solution comparing it to a one-unit reference and taking into account transportation and storage costs.

CAV/2 is an infrared lamp tower (180°) mainly used in residential areas, a garden lamp style tower, where dual-beam IR photo detectors can be easily hidden. CAV Garden Guard perimeter lamp tower (180°) has a discreet design which perfectly fits into any yard or garden without losing its aesthetic value, while at the same time it provides perimeter security and light to the area.

The entire Garden Guard infrared perimeter tower range is perfectly coordinated both aesthetically and functionally, that is to say, CAV security tower can be used with CAV, or even with MALTA infrared towers and even with the industrial range if required so (PT, MB and MB-W infrared towers).

CAV/2 – Set of 2 units of the CAV tower, a perimeter lamp tower (180°) for infrared dual-beam photodetectors, mainly used in residential areas.
Real application: perimeter towers for residential use
Real application: perimeter towers for residential use

Bunker perimeter security sensor reference: 

CAV/2: infrared tower (two units): concerning AIR sensors (two beams), Bunker Seguridad, perimeter security system manufacturer recommends TAKEX or OPTEX infrared photo beams. It is compatible with other trademarks.

Bunker perimeter solution features: 

CAV is an infrared tower, belonging to the Garden Guard family, destined to be fixed onto the ground (see CAVW model for wall installation).

CAV Garden Guard infrared tower for photoelectric sensors with two beams – dimensions (CAV sensor component parts):

  • IR tower’s external pole: 10 cm (3.94'').
  • IR tower’s upper part: 25 cm (9.84'').
  • Height (IR beam’s lamp included – 25 cm): 100 cm (39.4").
  • IR tower’s base diameter: 27 cm (10.63").

Material composing CAV Garden Guard photoelectric tower:

  • Aluminum profile which acts as the central part of the CAV infrared tower.
  • Black polycarbonate tube with UV treatment. It has two main functions: on one hand, it covers the structure by hiding at the same time photoelectric sensors’ localization, orientation and height and on the other hand, it protects these sensors from vandal acts.
  • Reinforced ABS base fixing support where the security tower’s aluminium profile and polycarbonate profile are fixed.
  • CAV upper body (grille type) made of black polycarbonate.
  • Ceramic socket for E27 bulb fixing on the top of the infrared garden lamp.

CAV/2 Garden Guard’s approximate weight (two towers): 9 kg.

Observations on Bunker perimeter detection solution: 

Bunker as a Garden Guard infrared tower manufacturer (MALTA, CAV and CAV-W) only authorizes the use of low consumption bulbs or LED (not included) for any of its IR garden towers. Please, do not use non incandescent bulbs: if you do so, it is your own responsibility.


Any of the Garden Guard infrared towers, manufactured by Bunker Seguridad, is compatible with most of the two-beam infrared photo beams known and manufactured worldwide. We will give you more details in the continuation on some of the two-beam photoelectric sensor models, manufactured by three of the most renowned manufacturers of infrared technology in the world, which also cooperate with Bunker Seguridad.

-          TAKEX infrared photo beams (two beams), compatible with our Garden Guard infrared towers (MALTA, CAV and CAV-W):

  1. TAKEX active infrared photo beams (AIR), two beams: PB30TK, PB60TK and PB100TK.
  2. TAKEX infrared photo beam, two beams, four frequencies: PB20TE, PB40TE and PB60TE.

-          OPTEX infrared photo beams (two beams), compatible with our Garden Guard infrared towers (MALTA, CAV and CAV-W):

  1. OPTEX active infrared photo beams (AIR), two beams: AX70TN, AX130TN and AX200TN.
  2. OPTEX infrared photo beam, two beams, four frequencies: AX100TF and AX200TF.

-          ATSUMI infrared photo beams (two beams), compatible with our Garden Guard towers (MALTA, CAV e CAV-W):

  1. ATSUMI active infrared (AIR) photo beams (two beams): NR30TS, NR60TS and NR90TS.
  2. ATSUMI infrared photo beam, two beams, four frequencies: NR30TM, NR60TM and NR90TM.

Bunker suggests these infrared photo beam models by TAKEX, OPTEX and ATSUMI as already proven quality, perfectly compatible with Bunker’s Garden Guard range of active infrared (AIR) towers (MALTA, CAV, CAV-W). Please, do not hesitate to contact us at any time: Bunker Seguridad solutions are compatible with the majority of photoelectric sensors on the market.

Bunker perimeter solution type: 
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