BUNKER SEGURIDAD participated at EXPO SEGURIDAD trade show in Mexico

Bunker Seguridad participated at Expo Seguridad trade show in April 2016
Piece of news: 

The Spanish company BUNKER SEGURIDAD, renowned reference in perimeter security system manufacturing participated at EXPO SEGURIDAD 2016, the most important security trade fair taking place in Mexico. Its 2016 edition was celebrated in Mexico City between April 26 and 28. Expo Seguridad México is an event where the biggest security product manufacturers in the world meet. More than 400 exhibitors attend the event where security products and services are exhibited on an area of 13.000m².

Among BUNKER SEGURIDAD products, presented at the trade fair, the flagship ones are perimeter security towers, adapted to the infrared photo beams by brands such as OPTEX and TAKEX. These perimeter towers are destined to industrial and residential use and, in combination with infrared detectors, they are an important duo in the intrusion detection field. PT, MB, CAV  and easyPack beam towers are an important reference inside the security sector.
These perimeter systems, manufactured by BUNKER SEGURIDAD, are perfectly compatible with wired and wireless photo beams by Optex group (OPTEX AX-70TN / AX-130TN / AX-200TN, OPTEX AX-100TF / AX-200TF, AX-100TFR / AX-200TFR, OPTEX SL 350QFR, OPTEX SL-200QN / SL-350QN / SL-650QN, OPTEX SL-200QDP / SL-350QDP / SL-650QDP, OPTEX SL-200QDM / SL-350QDM / SL-650QDM and OPTEX SL 350QNR) as well as with TAKEX infrared detectors (PXB-100ATC, PB-30/60/100 TK, PXB-100SW, PB-20/40/60 TE, PB-F 50/100/200, PB-IN 50/100/200 HF, PB-50/100/200HF KH, PR-11B, PR-5B, PXB 50/100/200 HF, PB-IN-100AT, PB-100AT-KH, PXB 50/100/200HF KH and PXB-100ATC-KH).

The latest novelties in intrusion detection - by Optex Group - were also presented at EXPO SEGURIDAD 2016. One of them is REDSCAN detector, next generation laser scan device.  It is equipped with detection analysis intelligent function and adjustable parameters for detection algortihms which increase its application fields. It offers flexible solutions for video monitoring and it reduces the installation costs.

Moreover, another REDSCAN novelty was presented at the trade fair: REDSCAN MINI detector for indoors. It is a short range laser scan detector (grade 1) with a unique and compact design. It can be used for different IP videosurveillance applications.

Bunker Seguridad perimeter towers at Expo Seguridad 2016
Redscan laser scan detector at Expo Seguridad trade fair
REDSCAN MINI anti intrusion indoor detector