PTS50, Bunker

Bunker perimeter detection accessory description: 

Bunker Seguridad, manufacturer of perimeter security systems based on infrared towers and photoelectric beams or active infafred beams (AIR) develops this thermostat for its use in infrared towers installed in high temperature zones.

It is used in infrared towers in order to activate fans (FAN12 and FAN24) and to keep certain air circulation inside the IR tower - which helps to improve photoelectric beams’ functioning - given that it acts as a switch allowing the current to flow to the fans.

Thermostat for high temperatures: when the temperature rises above 50ºC (122ºF) it leaves the current flow by activating fans.

It is compatible with perimeter security infrared towers, industrial type: MB050 / MB100 / MB150 / MB200 and MB300 (180 º protection), with wall fixing infrared towers MB050W / MB100W / MB150W / MB200W and MB300W and finally with 360º protection infrared towers PT050 / PT100 / PT150 / PT200 and PT300.

It is compatible with Garden Guard (garden lamp type towers): MALTA, CAV and CAV-W.

PTS50 accessory for perimeter security towers
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Perimeter products PTS50
Perimeter security products PTS50