PTLUX, Bunker Seguridad

Bunker perimeter detection accessory description: 

Bunker Seguridad, manufacturer of perimeter security systems based on infrared towers and photoelectric beams or active infrared beams (AIR) develops this accessory which helps to provide light to area near the infrared tower.

This accessory is fixed to the aluminium, which makes the tower 34cm higher. It has got a trim which covers and works as a connection between different aluminium profiles of the “new” beam tower.

When designing perimeter security system you should bear in mind that once installing Bunker Seguridad PTLUX onto the PT200 and PT300 beam towers you should think about the place and features of the installation in case it might be recommended to use additional supports such as MB3SB (70cm high side brackets for IR tower) in the case of PT200 or PT4R (guy wires for beam towers) in the case of PT300.

It is a perfect solution for any perimeter due to the fact that perimeter security system and a light can be integrated easily inside any infrared tower. As a result, this installation is much cleaner, compact and ‘’hygienic’’.

On the other hand, it helps to hide partially the security system in the perimeter given that photoelectric towers become elements providing light.

PTLUX is compatible with PT models (PT050, PT100, PT150, PT200 and PT300).

Bunker Seguridad informs that only low consumption bulbs or LED, non-incandescent, should be used (E27).

PTLUX accessory for perimeter security towers
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