PTCLIP, Bunker

Bunker perimeter detection accessory description: 

Bunker Seguridad, manufacturer of perimeter security systems based on infrared towers and photoelectric beams or active infrared beams (AIR) develops this accessory which allows cabling organization inside the beam tower.  

10 units are sold per pack.

It is compatible with 180º infrared towers for perimeter security - industrial type MB050 / MB100 / MB150 / MB200 and MB300, with IR towers for wall fixing MB050W / MB100W / MB150W / MB200W and MB300W and finally with 360º beam towers PT050 / PT100 / PT150 / PT200 and PT300.

PTCLIP accessory for perimeter security towers
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Acessory for perimeter security
Perimeter solution installation instructions: 

Bunker Seguridad recommends that security system installer reads well the instructions provided for each IR tower and/or accessory in order to be able to carry out the installation properly.

If you have any doubts concerning Bunker Seguridad perimeter security products’ functioning or installation, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone call (see contact information on this website).

Please bear in mind that we are a company from Madrid, Spain and therefore you should consult our established timetables and holiday calendar. Bunker Seguridad does not close any day apart from those established by law.