Battery Pack (PT / MB / MB-W) for Bunker Seguridad

Bunker perimeter detection accessory description: 

Power unit for low consumption devices and for the transmission of signals, manufactured by BUNKER SEGURIDAD, that allows to host up to 4 batteries type D of 3.6V and to power up to 2 devices (infrared barriers, external detectors, sensors DOPPLER, etc..) with their radio transmitters. It also offers enough space for 2 small radio transmitters that, wirelessly, can send alarm signals, low battery signals, etc...

It also includes the connector for the AX-ACC anti-tilt device by OPTEX.

Allows easy battery replacement.



  • Number of supported devices: Maximum of 2 transmitters and 2 devices via radio.
  • Capacity: Up to 4 type D batteries; 2 transmitters via radio
  • Inputs: Alarm: 2 per device / Tampers: 1 Power output: 2 outputs, 3.6V each.
  • Installation: In tower, in post or wall.
  • IP: IP65.
  • Optional: it incorporates space enough and connector for a radio transmitter
  • Accessories: TWKH-BP (tower), BP-WB (pared), BP-PB (post).


Battery Pack for Bunker