Photoelectric Beam PXB-100SW TAKEX

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

Our ultra low-current PXB-100SW is designed to be powered by BA-6SLA solar panel and power units for wireless or remote applications without cabling infrastructure.

For distances up to 100m (330ft) outdoor.

Photoelectric beam TAKEX PXB-100SW
Bunker perimeter security sensor reference: 


Bunker perimeter solution features: 
  • 4 x synchronised high power beams
  • low-current consumption for battery or solar operation
  • 4 selectable beam channels to prevent crosstalk
  • double modulation for unsurpassed light immunity
  • increased beam separation minimises nuisance alarms
  • vivid internal colour aids beam alignment procedure
  • lightning and surge protection up to 15kV
  • environmental monitoring circuit
  • dynamic auto-gain lock (AGL)
  • 50,000 lux sunlight immunity
  • IP65 housing
  • optional BA-6SLA solar panel/battery pack available
Download documentation on perimeter detection product: 



Product type

Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Detection system

Near infrared pulsed beam interruption system

(TX-RX 4 beam simultaneous interruption)

Infrared beam

Double modulation pulsed beam by LED

Protection distance

Outdoor 100m (330ft) or less
Indoor 200m (660ft) or less
Max. beam range Outdoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
Indoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
Response time 0.05 sec. to 0.7 sec. (Variable at pot)
Power supply 5 to 30VDC (polarity)
Current consumption
*1 (armed)
*2 (beam alignment)
5 to 8VDC 10 to 30VDC
Max: 3.7mA *1
Max 8.2mA *2
Max: 5.2mA *1
Max 9.4mA *2


Max:2.3mA *1
Max 10mA *2


Max: 3.1mA *1
Max 10.7mA *2

Alarm output

Dry contact relay output form N.O./N.C switchable
Contact action : Interruption time (min. 2 sec)
Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC) 1A (resistive load) Protective resistor

Environmental output Dry contact relay output form N.O./N.C. switchable
Action : activated when weather condition worsens
Capacity : 30V (AC/DC) 1A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Tamper output Dry contact relay (N.C.)
Action : activated when cover is detached
Capacity : 30V (AC/DC) 0.1A (resistive load) Protective resistor
Alarm LED Red LED (Receiver) ON : when an alarm is initiated
Attenuation LED Red LED (Receiver) ON : when beam is attenuated
Ambient temperature range -35°C to +66°C (-31°F to +151°F)
Beam Adjustment Horizontal : ±90° / Vertical : ±20°

Modulated beam frequency selection
Tone indicator
Environmental module
Beam power selection
Transmitting power adjustment
Alarm output selection
Environmental output selection
Monitor jack
Response time adjustment
Upper / Lower beam switch
Wireless Checker

Mounting positions Outdoor, Indoor
IP rating IP65
Wiring Terminals


Transmitter : 1500g (52.5oz)
Receiver : 1550g (54.3oz)
Appearance  PC resin (wine red)
Number of beams: 
Bunker perimeter solution type: