Passive Infrared Detector OMS-12FE TAKEX

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

The OMS-12FE PIR uses a DUAL ZONE detection system to create 180 degrees of protection with a range of 3 to 12 meters The system initiates an alarm signal only when detection occurs in both the horizontal and downward zones simultaneously preventing false alarms from distant objects or small animals. The rain proof housing and flexible mounting options make the OMS-12FE ideal for outdoor use in both residential and commercial security applications, and the tamper detection feature ensures your security won’t be compromised.

Dual-Zone: Up to 12m (40ft) x 180 degrees

Passive Infrared Detector OMS-12FE
Bunker perimeter security sensor reference: 


Bunker perimeter solution features: 
  • dual-zone detection system
  • easily enable/disable left or right detection areas
  • use the supplied masking sheets for precise area control
  • back tamper can be enabled if required
  • new slim profile design
  • simplified setup for quick installation



Detection system

Passive Infrared


When horizontal detection Angle: 180°
Detection distance: 40ft (12m)
Horizontal zone: 14 zones
Downward zone: 14 zones

Coverage adjustment

Horizontal : L/R 90° (selectable)
Detection distance : 10ft to 40ft (3 to 12m)
(By adjusting vertical angle of downward zone)


Supply voltage

9 to 28V DC (non-polarity)

Current consumption

20mA MAX.

Alarm output

Dry contact relay output N.C./N.O. selectable
Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC), 0.2A MAX. (Resistive load)
Contact operation : Detection time (2sec)

Tamper output

Dry contact relay output N/C
Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC), 0.1A MAX. (Resistive load)

Operation LED

Blinking at warm up
Lighting at alarm (LED disabled)

Pulse count settings

1/2/3/4 times (with a switch)

Sensitivity adjustment

Approx. 30% - Approx. 170% (By potentiometer)



Ambient temperature

-4F to +122F (-20C to +50C)

Mounting position

Indoor / Outdoor

Ingress protection

IP54 (equivalent) (Wall Mount)


16.5oz (470g)


Body : AES resin
Lens : PE resin


Pole attachment : BP-32

Bunker perimeter solution type: 
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