IP interface module INT-QUADIP TAKEX

Bunker perimeter solution description: 

Allow your surveillance solution to reach its full potential by integrating Takex beam sensors directly with your IP system; start recording when somebody enters the area, move a PTZ camera to the location of an intrusion, or activate lighting. While network alarms and Power over Ethernet are standard on IP cameras, most surveillance equipment use relay outputs and 12V power. With the Takex IP interface module, our photoelectric beams are as easy as IP cameras to install and integrate with Video Management Systems.

VMS Integration

Takex IP sensors support direct integration with leading VMS and camera systems on the market. Create powerful security solutions where recording starts automatically, the cameras are directed to the location of intrusion, and guards are alerted with detailed alarm information.

One Cable Installation

Integrating a sensor to a modern IP security system using old technologies requires a lot of third-party products and man-hours. With IP and PoE only an ethernet cable from the product to the nearest PoE switch is required. Installation is just as easy as installing an IP camera.

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IP interface module TAKEX INT-QUADIP
Bunker perimeter security sensor reference: 


Bunker perimeter solution features: 
  • PoE Class 3
  • IEEE 802.3af
  • VMS compatible
  • direct control of supported cameras* including: Axis, Bosch, Hikvision, Sony
  • plug & play web browser interface
  • no software or installation required
  • one cable installation
  • designed for PB-IN-HF/A, PB-F, PB-IN-100AT, & PB-KH series
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Alarm output

Over IP + Digital output: N.C. 30V (AC/DC) 100mA Max

Alarm input

Heater Adaptor

Input supply voltage

Ethernet IEEE 802.3af/at, TCP/IP

Output supply voltage

Power over Ethernet, class 3 (max 13W)

Supported VMS software*

Axis Camera Companion
Bosch VMS
Embsec Visualiser
Genetec Omnicast
Griffid GMS & GMC
Kentima Ethiris
Milestone Xprotect
Mirasys Carbon VMS
SeeTec Enterprise & Probox


Heater adaptor

External dimensions

W59mm x H67mm x D16mm (W2.32” x H2.64“ x D0.63”)


20g (0.7oz)

Bunker perimeter solution type: