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Infrared Photoelectric Beam Towers and Enclosures. An Effective Solution for Perimeter Security

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Towers for infrared photoelectric beams are basic elements in outdoor perimeter security installation.

Our perimeter towers provide security in any place which you would like to protect from intruders, regardless of whether it is in a residential, an industrial or a commercial area.

Active infrared photoelectric beam, pole or wall mounted, are easy to detect and to avoid. Therefore our range of towers PT&MB, capable of holding inside 2/3/4 beam sensors, some microwaves and camera, brings an effective outdoor perimeter security solution, as it makes impossible for the intruder to determine the number, type, position and/or orientation of the sensors held inside the tower.

Thanks to its design and vandal resistant features of our perimeter columns, infrared photo beams remain completely hidden and heavily protected against any unwanted intrusion.

In addition, thanks to a vandal resistant feature of our perimeter towers, the infrared photo electric beams will be more secure. 

You will always find a solution among BUNKER Seguridad’s range of perimeter towers, for every infrared photo electric beam and enclosure, from any of the common brands such as TAKEX, OPTEX, ATSUMI, etc., regardless of whether it has 2 or 4 beams and regardless of whether it is wired or wireless, etc. 

For this reason our company, with its towers for infrared photo electric beams, has become one of the most important in the field of outdoor perimeter security by providing a high level of performance and efficiency.

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