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Perimeter protection systems and solutions

Towers for infrared photoelectric beams are basic elements in outdoor perimeter security installation.

Our perimeter towers provide security in any place which you would like to protect from intruders, regardless of whether it is in a residential, an industrial or a commercial area.

Active infrared photoelectric beam, pole or wall mounted, are easy to detect and to avoid. Therefore our range of towers PT&MB, capable of holding inside 2/3/4 beam sensors, some microwaves and camera, brings an effective outdoor perimeter security solution, as it makes impossible for the intruder to determine the number, type, position and/or orientation of the sensors held inside the tower.

Thanks to its design and vandal resistant features of our perimeter columns, infrared photo beams remain completely hidden and heavily protected against any unwanted intrusion.

Taking advantage of our close collaboration with the most prestigious brands in the international perimeter security market, we offer not only the BUNKER SECURITY towers for infrared photoelectric beams, but also TAKEX safety infrared barriers, TAKEX outdoor passive infrared detectors, GJD laser detectors, the range of CLARIUS infrared and white light led illuminators, fogging protection systems from AVS electronics etc.

Reliable data transmission systems

Thanks to the special agreement between Bunker Seguridad S.L. and KBC Networks, a Global well known manufacturer of industrial grade transmission solutions, we offer an extensive range of telecommunication products and solutions, including media converters, industrial grade Ethernet switches (managed, unmanaged and PoE), hardware fully encrypted VPN solutions (ThruLink™), long distance, high throughput Wireless Point to Point and Multipoint, remote power solutions using solar panels or Wind turbines, fiber solutions, efficient and reliable data transmission in harsh environments, etc. 

Excellent customer support

Technical support and customer service are offered by our professionals in Spanish, English, ItalianPortuguese and Russian. Bunker Seguridad is proud of its excepcional customer service department, always ensuring that our customers' wants and needs are met within the stipulated time and maintaining a large amount of stock.

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