Perimeter security solutions

Security systems and solutions are used to protect people and properties that are located in all types of location: residential, commercial, industrial, public.

Indoor security is widely introduced through intrusion and CCTV systems. But there’s a clear evolution in the market: all the manufacturers of reference now provide solutions for outdoor, specifically for perimeter intrusion detection, in order to anticipate the alarm and give a longer reaction time. For this purpose different solutions can be found in the market: infrared photobeams, microwave, video analysis, fencing solutions. The combination of these perimeter systems allows providing a true security solution. 

Infrared photobeams are active elements which emit an infrared signal, thus invisible to the human eye, between a sender and a receiver element. When this signal is interrupted, the receiver detects no signal and can give an alarm signal. There are a number of parameters, configurations and technologies that help to reduce false alarms.

Perimeter security towers for infrared photobeams arise to cover a gap: those IR beams by themselves are easy to circumvent because they are easy to identify and to avoid. The towers for infrared photobeams have a dual function: to protect the IR beams from possible vandalism and to hide them, thus keeping information such as existence and number of sensors and specific location within the tower from intruders.

Besides, our towers are plain and easily fit in any surrounding environment, being adaptable to complex installations like projections, wall installations , slopes, etc.

What is Perimeter Security?